The award-winning documentary about women in the Class of 1964 at Spelman College, who participated in the largest coordinated, series of civil rights protests in Atlanta’s history.

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Georgianne’s Skin Treats

"It's A New Day"

by Dr. Georgianne Thomas, Performed by Lana Chapel

What people are saying about “Guide to the Second-Time Bride”:
“From the very first chapter of the book Guide To The Second-Time Bride by author Dr. Georgianne Thomas, the reader is privileged to a complete outline of how to navigate the perils of a second marriage. By utilizing extensive research, difficult personal history, biblical principle, and good ole life experience wisdom, Dr. Thomas challenges the reader to face the question… are you ready to remarry? The work is a wonderful study of all aspects of the second time marriage question, it should be required reading for any couple even contemplating remarriage. Delightful, insightful, and beautifully done!” Audrey Hallyburton

"2nd Marriage - Maid of Honor"

“The beauty and richness of this book is found in Georgianne Thomas’s masterful presentation of research on remarriage and focus on 1 Corinthians 13. By simultaneously examining these two explanations of love and marriage, Thomas uncovers crucial considerations that potential second time brides ought to consider. Readers will understand that the kind and respectful voice Thomas uses in her writing can only come from one with personal knowledge of the wounds caused by a failed marriage or the loss of a beloved spouse.” Wanda Wall Spivey

Ph.D. Cincinnati, Ohio

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Dr. Georgianne Thomas Gives Personal Advice To The 2nd Time Bride

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